Friday, March 20, 2015

Remote Medicine: Virtual Doctor Visits and Virtual Doctors

I had a chance to review the page-hits I received over the life of this blog and it turned out that my short posting regarding an article in the Washington Post that discussed virtual doctor visits was the one most requested. Frankly, I found this flabbergasting, because this blog was founded on the belief that remotely practiced medicine can be good medicine ... as good or potentially better than the medicine practiced in offices, clinics and hospitals. And I'm going to take it a step further with the idea that virtual doctors may be just for those who live in rural areas or even in difficult circumstances inner cities, virtual doctor visits may be the wave of the future ... and you'll be better for it.

Let's explore ...

Virtual Doctor Visits

Title: Five Reasons Virtual Doctor Visits Might be Better than In-Person Ones by Jonah Comstock (8 May 2013).

The five reasons listed all make sense. They are:
  1. The visits are convenient for both the doctor and the patient. 
  2. The virtual waiting room is better than the doctor's office, clinic or hospital. 
  3. Enables greater patient engagement through screen sharing
  4. Automatic and more convenient record keeping
  5. Patients have the sense that doctors are paying better attention to them during a virtual visit
Virtual doctor visits seem to be in the upswing in Canada as well as this article explains. Link:

And another in depth article with a video from a Virginia news outlet, The Daily Press published in July 2014:,0,1252177.story

Personally, I would prefer a virtual visit over the need go to the doctor's office, clinic or hospital.

Virtual Doctors

While virtual doctor visits certainly seem to be on the upswing with increasing acceptance, the idea that a computerized physician could be your primary physician would seem to most like science fiction. And at this point in time, it is. However, computerized medicine doing the things that only physicians once performed has been the works for decades. In later posts, I'll explore this in greater detail.

Much of my writing on these topics will be in conjunction with my further explorations of the Apple Watch and its emerging capabilities.

Stay posted. 

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