Friday, March 20, 2015

Biotronik Eluna Pacemaker System Given FDA Approval for MRI Full Body Scans

A brief note ... the FDA has given approval the patients implanted with the Biotronik Eluna pacemaker can safely undergo full MRI body scans. Note, this approval does NOT say that this pacemaker is MRI-safe. Someone implanted with this pacemaker cannot be placed in an MRI without making the necessary changes.

The pacemaker is MRI-conditional ... meaning that it is safe for a patient with a Biotronik Eluna pacemaker with the ProMRI technology to undergo a full-body MRI scan under the condition that the settings on this pacemaker are properly set to their MRI conditional settings.

... sometimes I worry that announcements like these can be misinterpreted and could lead to something bad happening. I've seen an article regarding a Biotronik pacemaker that stated that the pacemaker was "MRI-safe" when it wasn't true. As of this date and as far as I know, there are no MRI-safe pacemakers. The one's where the FDA has approved MRI compatibility are all MRI-conditional.

Here are links to two articles announcing FDA's approval:

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